Designed and engineered in Italy, Verse digital active speakers are at the pinnacle of technological innovation and passion for high-quality audio reproduction.  Verse systems are built by musicians, for discerning musicians and sound enthusiasts who want to "do it once, and do it right".



Featuring advanced digital processing with simple user interfaces on the speakers or from a computer (via Cat 5), Verse systems offer a host of functionality normally reserved for high-end stand-alone speaker management processors. Combined with high-powered on-board amplifiers, the systems offer an outstanding power-to-weight ratio. Imagine a 2k system, including sub, that weighs in at only 43kg and fits in the boot of a small car.



We are proud to offer a range of Verse Audio systems that can be tailored to meet your requirements. From the micro system, that includes a sub and weighs less than 20kg and fits into a single carry bag, to large concert systems that cater for the largest events, there is a Verse Audio solution. Verse Audio systems are only available from the importer, Hillcrest AV. Contact Zane Edwards to arrange an obligation-free consultation or demonstration.